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by Robert Marchlewski, MD

All allergists at ENT & Allergy Associates have expertise in diagnosing and treating children of all ages in allergic and immunologic disorders including asthma, environmental allergies, eczema, food allergies, sinus infections, hives, and immunodeficiency. 

Our allergists are able to recognize how allergic disorders affect children physically, as well as the typical psychosocial impacts, as allergic disorders can affect sleep, social interactions with peers and potential bullying at school.   The allergist can also review how to properly read a food label for a family with a food allergic child as well as provide a personalized food allergy emergency action plan for school.  They can also devise an individualized asthma action plan for home as well as school to ensure proper sleep hygiene, minimize missed school days and overuse of oral steroids.  An allergist can also review with a family if a child is old enough to carry his or her own inhaler/epinephrine autoinjector while at school. 

Most importantly, our allergists our experts in setting a child at ease while in the office.  Their comfort in the office will ensure their symptoms are properly conveyed and therefore help them lead healthier lives.

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