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30+ ENT and Allergy Associates Physician's Named as Newsday 2021, Top Doctors on Long Island

11/16/21 in Blog Posts

NEWSDAY - Top Doctors on Long Island 2021

Dr. Michael G. Mendelsohn

Dr. Thomas O'Donnell
Dr. Jennifer M. Diaz
Dr. Debra Lebo
Dr. Jennifer S. Lee
Dr. Robert J. Marchlewski
Dr. Darren Hirsch
Dr. Erin E. McGintee
Dr. Brian Safier
Dr. Paul A. Bell
Dr. Peter Berman
Dr. Moshe Ephrat
Dr. Ron Mitzner
Dr. Jay Rechtweg
Dr. Warren H. Zelman (retired) 
Dr. Eric J. Bergson
Dr. Paul J. Davey
Dr. Michael Ditkoff
Dr. Robert M. Gargano
Dr. Neal C. Gehani
Dr. Michael A. Gordon
Dr. Paul Kelly
Dr. Craig M. Litman
Dr. Philip W. Perlman
Dr. Joel E. Portnoy
Dr. Eric Thomas Scarbrough
Dr. B. Todd Schaeffer
Dr. Lee Shangold
Dr. William Sher
Dr. John P. Sugrue
Dr. Lauren S. Zaretsky

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